My name is Maira. Welcome to my world.

Hey there!

I’m thrilled to introduce myself as the mastermind behind Rose Mallee. As someone with a love for creativity, I’m always excited to challenge myself and find new ways to innovate. I love shaking things up and believe that we can all aim to be our best selves.

In my day-to-day life, I enjoy escaping into the world of my imagination. It’s where all my best ideas come from! One of my biggest passions has always been fashion – to me, it’s a way to express myself and show off my personality and mood. So I’m a Fashion Designer, a Pattern maker and also a Fashion Stylist.

Of course, it’s also essential to ensure that our love for fashion doesn’t come at the cost of our planet. That’s why I’m so passionate about sustainable fashion. I hope I can inspire as many people as possible to make greener choices in their fashion habits. 

Would you like to come on this journey with me?




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